Luis 20 California. Majoring in computer science. I think I like music more than most things, so if you like music I probably like you.


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12:51 by The Strokes. “12:51 is the time my voice found the words I sought.”

mashedpotatoesincellophane asked
You can tell a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Write down the first 20 songs that play when you shuffle your music and then pass this on to ten people! :^)

Ooo fun stuff
1. I Came Here to Get Over You - Brandon Flowers
2. Linus Spacehead - wavves
3. Where Nobody Knows - Kings of Leon
4. Can I Kick It - A Tribe Called Quest
5. Psycho Killer (talking heads cover) - Cage The Elephant
6. Old Hollywood - Julian Casablancas
7. Frankie’s Gun! - The Felice Brothers
8. Isolation - Joy Division
9. This River is Wild - The Killers
10. lazy Wonderland - Broken Bells
11. Cudderisback - Kid Cudi/ Vampire Weekend
12. Killing Lies - The Strokes
13. Queen Jane Approximately- Bob Dylan…. Side note: one of my all time favorite songs EVER.
14. Bones - The Killers
15. 3’s & 7’s - Queens of the Stone age
16. Young Turks - Oscar Isaac
17. Evaporar - Little Joy
18. Dark Fantasy - Kanye West
19. Home - LCD Soundsystem
20. Melody Calling - The Vaccines

OK so I’m really happy how this list turned out. There’s not one song I don’t love on here

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rapt // karen o

love is soft, love’s a fucking bitch
do i really need another habit like you?
i really need, do you need me too?
i believe it’s gonna leave me blue

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Up out of bed at three and I feel like I’m dying. But if she’s there next to me, then there’s no use in crying.